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Chiropractic Synergy Wellness Center -

Back in 2010 we were honored when Dr. Lori Enevoldsen asked us to bring our Reiki School and Healing Center to her Wellness Center.   Dr. Lori Enevoldsen is the finest Chiropractor in North West Indiana and has been serving her community for 15 years.  We do not just say that because we are working in her center, we state this because we have first hand seen the remarkable healing results she has achieved with her patients.

Dr. Lori is a Member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals.   She works with the community to educate and teach people not only about their health but the full benefits of Wellness & Chiropractic care.  Many are unaware that Chiropractic Care helps much more than just sore backs. Chiropractic care has helped carpal tunnel without surgery, knee issues, headaches, allergies, depression and so much more.   Bringing the body back into full alignment and eliminating nervous system interference allows the body to function at its best. 

Dr. Lori has spent a lifetime in the Wellness Industry and takes the health of her patients very serious.   She is the only Chiropractor in NW Indiana who has additional extensive training in working with extremity issues.  She has been able to save many young soccer players from knee surgeries, and has helped auto accident victims regain their mobility after terrible accidents.

Dr. Lori dedicates many of her personal hours doing educational talks and wellness screenings for her community because she truly cares.  We often joke and call her the Dr. Quinn Medicine women of Chiropractors.

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